Maintenance & Painting



You have just bought yourself a premium garage door product from Excellent Doors.


By following these simple steps this product will be able to fulfill your security and leisure needs for years to come.


Your garage door is the largest moving object in your house.  A mechanical wonder piece bringing comfort and security into your home, but remember moving objects are always dangerous.






Painting your new garage door is paramount in keeping the wood nourished and to give your door that new bought look all year round.  A maintenance cote of a good quality sealer is required every three to six months for the first year. (Doors facing north/north east every 3 months)


In the second year maintenance cotes will be required every six to nine months. In year three onwards yearly cotes should be sufficient.


Excellent Doors door oil has been especially formulated for our climate in the Limpopo province.  The five liter oil provided should be enough for the first three maintenance cotes.


Maintenance and repairs on the mechanical parts of the door should always be carried out by trained professionals.  Excellent Doors recommend a yearly service that needs to be done to keep your door and motor in perfect running order.   Hardware on the door is guaranteed for three years and your door opener for two years.  Failing to do the first three services will render these guarantees null and void.  A reminder will be sent to your designated cell number coinsiding with your new doors installation date the following year, keeping you up to date on the servicing of your door.  After receiving the s.m.s. it remains your responsibility to book, confirm and pay for the service of your door or garage door motor.


If no varnishes were applied to the door, the service will always include painting of the door.  Saving you some time.   Applying varnish on your wooden door will nullify the one year guarantee on your panels.

Aluminium and aluzinc garage doors needs to be wiped down with a soft cloth dipped in a car shampoo and water mixture every three to six months , or when the doors are dusty. Good quality car shampoo has all the necessary additives to keep the powder coating and paintwork looking like new for years to come.

Doors fitted with polycarbonate can be cleaned with a soft cloth and clean water , miner scratches can be removed by using a product like plastix , a product designed to clean any plastic or polycarbonate product and available at any builders warehouse.