Xellent Flush 4 panel

Framework available in solid meranti or jointed Eucalyptus Grandis.
Inner blocks meranti marine ply.
Ornaments included.
Factory treated with wood oil.
Bottom Rubber included.
2 Year warrantee on panels.
Unique anti rebate (read more below)

Anti-flex rebate                                    Traditional rebate

In our quest for excellence we have set our sights on the somewhat unnoticed area where the panels come together. Being able to work on our doors with years of exposure and having excellent return customers where we are able to return to the same site over a decade’s time, has seen the double doors lose their shape over time. Over the area where hinges are not fastened, we have seen a “bow” developing. To a degree this can be minimised by painting the door on the inside and outside with a good oil based product, with added wood stabilisers keeping the timber from warping to one side. Almost like leaving a long peace of timber in the sun untreated resulting in the piece of timber “curling upwards” as the fibres on the exposed side dries out faster that the un-exposed area.  Using hinges on every vertical rail could also minimise the problem and has been used by us to eliminate this type of problem.  In the past extra hinge not only adds weigh but also becomes a bit unsightly if every rail is occupied by one.  Hence our anti flex rebate on the double doors. Because of the limited movement allowed by the rebate the chances off s bow developing is minimised, leaving the door with a clean look on the inside and a smoother look on the outside.  This does not alleviate the problem, but does minimise the effect.