Available in meranti only (Rustic | Gothic | Studded)
Framework solid meranti
Inner blocks meranti marine ply.
Ornaments included.
Factory treated with wood oil
Bottom rubber included.
2 Year warrantee on panels.

Available colours
Golden Brown | Xellent Brown | Ebony

Marine Ply Specifications

Not to be confused with commercial or exterior plywood’s marine plywood is manufactured from durable meranti face veneers and core veneers, with few defects so it performs longer in both humid and wet conditions, Resists delaminating, Resists fungal attacks and is stronger than solid wood.  An exterior water and boil proof glue is used to provide solid and stable glue joint between layers. Only A-grade veneers are used in construction of our doors.  Doors manufactured with marine ply carries a two year excellent warrantee.