Warranty & Liability


Warranty and exclusion of liability


Subject to all the matters below Excellent Doors warrants


  1. Swing and sliding gate opener drive units for twelve (12) months.
  2. Roll-up and overhead door opener drive units for twenty four (24) months.
  3. All door components and accessories for thirty six (36) months.
  4. Wooden garage door panels for twelve (12) months.
  5. Springs (Torsion, Tension) for twelve (12) months.


The warranty applies only where the purchaser:


  1. Immediately notifies excellent doors of the alleged defect.
  2. Doors/gates or garage door operators are serviced annually by an approved installer
  3. Overhead wooden garage doors are treated every six (6) month with a good quality oil based sealer like timber life.
  4. Presents the relevant sales docket and this warranty document to the retailer to confirm the date of purchase and service record of the door or door opener.


To the extent permissible by statue, excellent doors claims any liability of whatsoever nature in respect of any claim or demand for loss or damage which arise out of


  1. Accidental damage to or normal wear and tear to the product or to the products components.
  2. Any cost relating to damage resulting from wear and tear
  3. Loss or damage due to theft, fire, flood, rain, water, lighting, storms or any other act of god.
  4. Evidence of unauthorized repairs.
  5. Attempted or complete modification or repairs to the product carried out by a person who is not authorized by excellent doors to carry out repairs.
  6. Damage caused by insects
  7. This warranty does not extend to cover labour or transport for parts replaced.
  8. This warranty does not cover consumables items including globes, batteries and fuses