Maintenance Programme


Our maintenance program is designed for doors older than three years.  It’s a little known fact that garage door manufactures only provide standard hardware with a 10,000 – 20,000 duty cycle, and recommends all wheels, stud pulleys, springs and cables needs to be replaced every 3 – years depending on usage( hence our three year component warranty).  The same work will be done as per preventative maintenance program, but any parts on the door that needs replacement will be replaced.  A 20% discount will be given on any motor parts that need fixing, no extra labour will be charged.  If wooden panels, the doors will be painted every 6 months (if painted with an oil based product before, if not, recommendations will be made to get the wood in good shape).

A once of fee will be charged of R650.00 per door for doors needing immediate attention and a monthly fee of R 70.80 per month to schedule the following years repairs and service.

Preventative maintenance programme.   (Newly installed doors)

Our preventative maintenance program is designed to reduce operating costs by eliminating unnecessary and expensive breakdowns by once a year scheduled service.  Tightening, lubricating, adjusting and inspection is the standard procedure and recommendations are then made for repairs that are necessary to put equipment in good operating condition.  This plan does not include parts, but a 10% discount is given on parts replaced.  Doors are painted once (only if doors were treated with an oil based product, if not recommendations will be made on how to get the wood in good shape).

On doors older than two years, an assessment will have to be made first, for only R 38.70 per door, per month you can be assured of your doors being in good order.  (This is a good program for newly installed doors.)